Busy Busy and Sick Kids Too

Well I did it again….drive by posted. Life has been SO busy that I haven’t had a chance to update lately! 

Busy doing what? Well, I finally “launched” my new project…blog all about speech and language development and intervention strategies. I have been working on it every spare moment the last few weeks to get it ready. It is, of course, a work in progress…Please come check it out and BECOME A FOLLOWER! 😀 


And in the midst of trying to get my blog up and running, our sweet babies have been sick. It started last Thursday night with Everett up every 45 minutes ALL NIGHT LONG coughing. I took him in to the doctor Friday morning first thing…but as I assumed it appeared to be just a virus. No fevers or anything. 

Friday was Esella’s shot night…it went fine. Obviously she is not a fan of getting shots but Justin is getting REALLY good at the injections and is quite fast now. Ellie doesn’t want us to touch her “boo boo’s” after…no band aids for this girl either. 

Then Saturday, Ellie wasn’t herself. She cuddled with Justin ALL DAY and fell asleep on him at 11am. This is NOT our daughter. She followed suit on Sunday as well. We figured it was her body adjusting to the new doubled dose of Methotrexate. Then Monday Ellie woke up with a little cough. She didn’t cough often, but when she did it sounded TERRIBLE. That night, was a bad night. Esella spent the whole night in our bed coughing and coughing. 🙁

We already had Everett’s well check scheduled for Tuesday morning so we called to have Ellie added to the appt. She was sounding much better and just had a low fever just over 99. Then she started crying and the doctor heard the stridor in her voice and said she believed she had croup and that she should be fine in a couple days. She even said she would probably be ok for school Friday. 

Long story short, Ellie went down hill from that appt. She slept all day Tues, Wed, and Thurs and had fevers off and on from 99-101.5. She would wake up ok, and then crash. Thursday she woke up from her nap with a fever of 101.8. By the time Justin got home at 6 it appeared to go up over 102 (we kept getting different readings) and we decided we needed to take her in to Urgent Care.

Got there at 7:40 (closed at 8), nervous they would send us away but they didn’t. In fact, the staff were all wonderful and caring. She had a fever just under 103 and her oxygen levels were hovering around 92. The doctir said her lungs sounded fine, but sometimes there is pneumonia you can’t hear and her low o2 prompted her to order chest x rays. 

Sure enough, there was “significant” pneumonia in BOTH lungs 🙁  They gave her a breathing treatment and double shots of a strong antibiotic. Her o2 went up to 98 after the treatment so we were able to go home. 

9:15 am Friday we were back at the doctor for a follow up. Justin, the most amazing father ever, stayed home on Tuesday and Friday to help take care of his baby girl. Anyway, her o2 was back to 99 and her fever was down to 99, so they were pleased. The doctor we saw in the AM did choose to change her antibiotics to a slightly more aggressive type (that she had already been on before) given her weakened immune system. 

What they believe happened, is that she had a case of viral croup that turned into bacterial pneumonia due to her weakened immune system from her JA meds. The doctor we saw Friday said we will need to be more aggressive with her treatment when she gets sick for now on. 

Saturday Esella was feeling better but was quite weak, which resulted in a a VERY whiny girl. Esella ate VERY little for five days (Tues-Sat) so she was very weak. And on top of that, Saturday the wonderful side effects of the antibiotics started (diarrhea). Our poor girl needs a break!

Today (Sunday) she is starting to act more normal. She is currently playing with Everett in the living room 🙂

So, as you can see, we have been a LITTLE busy around here!!

And Mr. Everett….our sweet boy, turned 9 months on Monday! He is 20lbs 4 oz (around the 57th %ile I think) and 30.25 inches long (100th %ile!). He is growing great! The kid doesn’t like baby food, so he is on table foods…which is fun since he only has two bottom teeth 😉 He is crawling, cruising, clapping and waving now! He hasn’t taken any independent steps yet, but he can push his push toy all over the house!

So that is the update! Sorry it’s been a while! Here are a couple pics of the growing kiddos from the last month or so. 

Everett and Tai Ma

Everett and Kyle

This last picture… I was feeding Ev and Esella wanted to go in the rain. I told her she could so off she went outside. I realized after a couple minutes that I couldn’t see her, so I went to check on her and this is how I found her…just chillin on the swing, enjoying the rain. 

Take Care!

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